Building the web, effectively

Import your design system from the existing brand, or create a new one, use handpicked components and layouts, adjust color, space and type to your needs—bridging all creators: designers, developers, marketeers and more

Built with Handover

Handover takes you...


Parallel work in different tools, endlessly designing on a canvas, waiting on each other for each small change


Simplified delivery using a single tool, the browser and its technologies, where everyone works on the target product

Core functionalities

  • One central location to manage your brand’s entire style-guide and identity

    Allowing simple way to bring consistency across digital channels—change and publish changes across your company‚Äôs digital footprint.

  • Unified environment for designers, developers, marketeers and more

    Real & direct collaboration on web projects, but freedom to stay core to your role, less time spent aligning across disciplines.

  • Established and tried workflows and accelerated time to launch

    Truly bringing agility to digital teams, there is no need to rebuild components, elements, and journeys - reusing them is immediate, reach your customers faster!.

How Handover supports...

  • Designer


    The tool supports your entire workflow, from user research and testing to UX and UI design with advanced features like customizable design systems and dynamic typography.

    Rich color management (including P3 support), automatic light and dark mode, and built-in responsive behaviors are also included.

  • Developer


    The tool offers the latest well-supported CSS features out of the box, enabling you to use and learn modern techniques without migrating from your current tech stack.

    It integrates with your existing development workflow, allowing you to receive and work with designs in your preferred coding environment.

  • Marketeer


    The tool helps effortlessly maintain brand consistency across web platforms.

    Quickly bring campaign ideas to life without relying on design teams. Create interactive prototypes with responsive behaviors, enabling faster iteration and more effective testing for data-driven marketing strategies.

Including other stakeholders that can collaborate in Handover and receive additional value.

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