Design beyond the statical canvas

Revolutionize collaboration with developers: swift, effective design with latest web technologies

The traditional waterfall model leads to significant delays as designers hand off designs to engineers for development. Transition to... →

Collaborate and deliver using a single solution that supports design, prototyping, testing, and direct publishing, followed by continuous iteration

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Design as you normally do, but better Design as you normally do, but better

Design as you normally do, but better

Use the full power of web to create engaging experiences, without limiting yourself to features of a statical canvas or knowing how to code

  • Follow an approach that is most comfortable to you, from user research, to testing, then UX and UI design as well
  • Create the design system for your brand from scratch or import it from your production webpage
  • Use our dynamic type sizes, that automatically adjust to the device screen
  • Build with rich colors, with amazing perceived lightness, p3 support by default and automatic fallback to srgb
  • Use many interface and UI design best practices built-in by default, including layout responsive behavior
  • Take advantage of light and dark colors modes out of the box, customizable in detail
No design silo-iterate and collaborate No design silo-iterate and collaborate

No design silo—iterate and collaborate

The designers and developers work on the same environment by using the latest broadly available CSS without the need of knowing the syntax

  • No need for handover and less need for regular alignments
  • Every design token, element, component or layout is available to dev team almost instantly
  • For designers, powerful styling, with instant design to code translation
  • For developers, powerful editing, but also immediate design changes at their fingertips
Code in your tooling of choice Code in your tooling of choice

Receive designs in your tooling of choice

Use whatever tech you prefer and give design feedback and suggestions from your prefered coding tools

  • Latest well supported CSS available out of the box, to use and to learn
  • No migration needed, stick to your current stack
  • Designs available in your framework of choice
  • Ability to add structural changes to the design directly from your editor (e.g Visual Studio Code)
  • Build on prestyled elements and components, all fully reviewed by design team, all based on a live design system